We manufacture self-regulating PTC ceramic heating elements for various applications which do not need additional control.


Our PTC temperature sensors are ceramic safety elements distinguished by rapid response, precision and a high degree of reliability.


The main advantage of Stelem in the development of production processes is the experience of our long-term employees, combined with our young engineering staff.


We believe that we are an important part of our society, which is why we always do our best to respect and support it.

New developments in the field of heating technique and sensor systems

Smart houses and buildings

Ceramic PTC heating components are sustainable elements that provide an optimal solution for the green future of heating and ventilating modern houses and buildings. Going away on vacation will never be a problem again: you’ll come back to a pleasant home or working environment.


Modernisation of the manufacturing process

Our employees have genuine contact with the production process. Since we manufacture numerous small products, we need a great deal of innovation when it comes to setting up and upgrading our manufacturing processes, and we have our dedicated employees to thank for this.



Electromobility has been a solid trend for the past couple of years. Regardless of whether you support electromobility or not, chances are that you will find yourself in the face of its challenges at some point.


Innovation and cooperation with institutes

Innovative products and solutions in all operational fields are crucial for our company. We believe that including our employees in the process of creating the future guarantees the growth of the company, the team and every single individual, which is why we encourage the creativity of our employees.


Certificates and awards

While the excellence of our solutions is confirmed by ISO and UL certificates, the key performance indicator for us is a satisfied client. Our products are manufactured using a process which complies with the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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