About us

Towards a green future with sustainable solutions

Here at Stelem, we manufacture sustainable self-regulating ceramic PTC heating elements and temperature sensors of different shapes and sizes.

In line with our client’s wishes, we create a wide scope of products for different voltage levels and temperature ranges. As a global company, we are present in the automobile industry, industrial applications, regulation technique, heating systems, white goods, control systems, medical technology, temperature protection of electric motors and transformers, and numerous other devices and machines.

We develop our products in close cooperation with the client. Together, we develop high-quality and technologically advanced solutions. Stelem products are known for their tried-and-true premium quality which we achieve through precise manufacturing, careful processing and control in different phases of our manufacturing process. Most of the manufacturing process is fully or partially automated, while certain operations are still executed manually.

Our development is directed towards sustainable solutions for a green future, which is why we also create products in the field of electromobility and smart houses. The values connecting our employees are the guarantee of our mission as a global provider of smart and sustainable solutions.

“Stelem, wise ceramics “


  • Creativity and passion in finding new solutions.
  • Honesty and respect.
  • Responsibility towards our clients, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Team spirit and mutual respect.
  • Affiliation and loyalty to our company.


Together with our clients, we develop innovative, flexible and sustainable solutions intended to improve the quality of our user’s lives. We provide safe, controlled and environmentally friendly heating systems. We are a reliable partner responsibly considering the interests of our employees, clients, business partners, the local community, and the environment. By creating new jobs, we are an important employer in our local community. We passionately develop new high-tech solutions in the field of sensor systems, self-regulating heating and regulation technique in line with the client’s wishes.


To affirm our position of a global provider of niche and mid-range products in the field of heating, sensor systems, heating control and process automation. By diversifying our segments, we would like to solidify and upgrade key heat management areas.

Objectives that we would like to achieve by 2030

By 2030, we would like to expand our products and services to three new areas. We would also like to expand our presence to new geographically promising markets. Through digitalisation, we plan on further improving our manufacturing process, thus guaranteeing the highest level of modernity and quality.


While the excellence of our solutions is confirmed by ISO and UL certificates, the key performance indicator for us is a satisfied client. Our products are manufactured using a process which complies with the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The story of Stelem

Stelem d.o.o. was established in 1993, first as a side business dealing with the construction and execution of machines and elements. At the beginning, this was only an additional activity for the founders of the company. In 1995, however, a possibility presented itself when we were able to buy machines and lease business premises from ISKRA KEKO, a struggling company. After the latter went bankrupt, Stelem employed numerous workers of the now defunct company.

After a year dealing with the ISKRA KEKO bankruptcy, we started a new development and investment cycle in 1997/1998 with the purpose of expanding our capacities and developing new products. Larger capacities and new products allowed us to double our sales figures in 2002, which was a good incentive for further investments and development. It also enabled us to transition from manufacturing less complex, low-cost products to creating more demanding products.

In 2005/2006, we acquired the company of a small German competitor which allowed us to extend our business practices to new markets. In 2006, we confirmed our quality system by obtaining a certificate pursuant to the ISO standard. Over the next decade, we mainly focused on developing sensor systems, process automation and laboratories, and improving energy efficiency and the working conditions for our employees. In 2012, we built a solar power plant, allowing us to partially cover our energy needs.

One of the most important milestones was 2016/2017, when we started manufacturing components for premium German cars BMW and Daimler in our automobile segment.

Our story continues with the expansion of our market presence, where we consciously introduce elements of sustainable developments in our product range and in the framework of the modernisation of our process.