E-commerce Stelem

As part of the operation “E-commerce Stelem”, in cooperation with Studio Mazzini d.o.o., and under the expert guidance of dr. Dario Berginc and dr. Mihael Kline, we conducted a workshop and prepared a comprehensive study of the company’s digital performance on foreign markets, followed by upgrading the company’s overall visual identity and renovating the website in a responsive way and multilingualism. We also prepared a promotional video in two language versions, edited materials for promotion at digital fairs and upgraded the knowledge of employees in the field of digitalization. We have newly designed and implemented a system that enables digital exchange of technical documents with our partners in a safe and reliable way.

In an interactive workshop with Mag. Matjaž Mazzini we discussed the characteristics of social networks, the importance of a strategic approach in the planning of communication activities and the use of analytics and automated marketing systems in establishing an effective sales funnel. With his experience, he effectively and practically supplemented our knowledge and gave us guidelines for further improvements.

With the operation, we want to improve the company’s competitiveness and opportunities for business expansion in foreign markets. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of EUR 29,960.