Challenges triggered by electromobility

We have probably all witnessed various faults that can occur in internal combustion engines, from turbine failure, oil leaking, knocking and ignition issues, to black, blue or white smoke coming out of the exhaust system.

Electromobility generally means that you won’t have to be dealing with these issues, although that does not necessarily mean that it’s all smooth sailing.

Electromobility is the word of the decade. We are happy that our products can be a part of this innovative mobility solution leading to a greener tomorrow. Safe and efficient heating of the passenger cabin in electric vehicles is one of the important challenges of electromobility. Since electric motors don’t generate heat, the heating of these vehicles has had to be reinvented. Here is where our products come in. Our tiny products with a wonderful self-regulating capacity are one of the possible solutions guaranteeing a cosy atmosphere in electric vehicles, even in winter. In addition, they can also be used to provide additional heat to battery assemblies which improves the efficiency of electric vehicles.

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