Modernisation of the manufacturing process

We automatise and digitalise our manufacturing process using our own knowledge

We manufacture small and numerous different products, which is why we need a lot of innovation when it comes to the development and update of our processes.

Our competitors on the market encourage us to always keep pace with the times, which is why we regularly update our processes, thus increasing their efficiency and reducing the burden placed on our workers.

However, these solutions cannot be bought, which is why we developed them in cooperation with our employees who keep on discovering new solutions to improve the manufacturing process using their education, technical ability and innovation. Using our own design, we create automatic and semi-automatic machines that perform individual phases of the component manufacturing process. We are looking for innovative approaches for the creation of efficient products, and we are researching the areas where future trends will lead us.

Digitalisation is another major development that we are already introducing in different product manufacturing processes. Our quality measurement processes benefit from a high degree of digitalisation also introduced in other areas.

We believe that automation and digitalisation are crucial components for our future competitiveness, which is why new colleagues bringing fresh perspectives and new knowledge are always welcome to join our team.

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