We manufacture self-regulating ceramic heating elements and temperature sensors

Our products are ceramic electronic elements – resistors with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC).

They are semiconductors which conduct electric current up to a certain temperature. Once this temperature is exceeded (temperature switch point), their resistance increases significantly due to changes in the polycrystalline structure of ceramics. This property of PTC ceramic is successfully applied in self-regulating, voltage-independent heating elements and automatic current fuses. The switch point is also used in our temperature sensors (PTC sensors). Long-term development of chemical composition, the manufacturing process, and gradual updating and improvement are a guarantee for the compliance with the highest quality standards. In cooperation with clients, we develop products according to their specific requirements, successfully develop them and manufacture them in our own production halls. Our main products are self-regulating ceramic PTC heating elements and PTC temperature sensors for various applications. We are among key European manufacturers in this field and also have a global presence. Our capacities enable small-serial and mid-serial manufacturing, and one of our greatest advantages is the fact that we adapt to the client’s wishes.

PTC heating elements

PTC heating elements are sintered ceramic pieces of different shapes. We apply a thin layer of metal (electrodes) to the surface which allows us to achieve the suitable electrical conductivity of the element. When connecting the PTC element to a power source, it heats up to a predetermined temperature and then maintains it, regardless of whether heat is removed and/or voltage is fluctuating. PTC heating elements therefore combine the functions of heating and regulation.


PTC sensors

PTC sensors are temperature-responsive elements serving as safety elements for electric devices and preventing them from overheating. This is what makes them so useful when it comes to detecting temperature changes. These are sensitive machines which significantly change their resistance even with the slightest change in temperature. When the resistance of the sensor element increases sharply, the control device gives a signal for the disconnection of the supply circuit.