PTC sensors

Sustainable self-regulating sensors for various applications

Stelem is one of the rare companies using its own knowledge, technology and development to offer a broad range of thermal protection with PTC sensors.

The future is the compact thermal sensor model which can be used to automatise installation processes and enable direct installation on the electronic components.

PTC sensors are temperature-responsive elements serving as safety elements for electric devices and preventing them from overheating. This is what makes them so useful when it comes to detecting temperature changes. These are sensitive machines which significantly change their resistance even with the slightest change in temperature. When the resistance of the sensor element increases sharply, the control device gives a signal for the disconnection of the supply circuit. These sensors provides rapid responses, can be used in any number of switch cycles, and are also small elements which do not take up much space in the application. One cannot overlook the low provision costs.

PTC sensors are mainly used in electrical windings for motors and transformers, but they also measure the level of fluids, etc. Temperature sensors can be manufactured as the classical wired model or as the innovative and compact edition which enables automated installation. Both concepts are manufactured in the temperature range between 60 and 210°C; we are currently also developing new generations of sensors for even higher temperatures.


PTC sensors are used to measure temperature and prevent devices from overheating. They are often used in electric motors where a PTC sensor works as a safety element which turns off the electric motor under extreme load.

Level of fluids

The resistance of PTC sensors also makes it possible to identify the level of fluids in various applications. The sensor prevents overfilling of reservoirs, which guarantees the safe and reliable functioning of entire systems that depend on them.

Wind-powered plants

Wind-powered plants are an important engineering achievement. Due to their size and safety issues related to it, they need numerous checkpoints in terms of thermal protection. PTC sensors provide for the smooth functioning of mechanisms for wind-powered plants, the consequence of which is the reliable supply of electricity.