Sustainability and care for the environment

Green nature and environmental balance are poised to become the two most important values of modern society.

However, they are also increasingly endangered. Here at Stelem, we are aware of our corporate responsibility, which is why we develop innovative solutions and sustainable materials in order to provide a safe environment for ourselves and for our future generations.

We mainly support sustainability by improving the energy efficiency of facilities and cars, thus reducing CO2 emissions and leaning into the sustainable nature of ceramics. Sustainability can be observed throughout the life cycle of our products. Ceramics are very durable materials which guarantee the long-term reliability and operation of our products. Unlike solutions proposed by our competitors, our ceramic products are self-regulating and need no additional control devices for their operation. Thus, we reduce the use of materials which are bad for the environment while also contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint of individual applications containing our products.

Our sustainable development is based on the use of sustainable materials, our own solar and thermal energy resources, and recycling materials.