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Employees are the key drivers of the innovation and progress of a company, as well as a guarantee for maintaining its vision.

We are aware of the value of our employees which is crucial for the success of every company. With that in mind, we try to be a trustworthy, honest and reliable business partner and employer. We are a financially stable company with honest interpersonal relationships and an orderly work environment. We do our best to help our employees grow, both personally and in terms of their career. Our team is made up of a wide range of employees with different knowledge and diverse experience, who are all guided by common values and vision.

We encourage and recognise our employees’ achievements, which is why we also developed mechanisms to award them.

Read on to find current job vacancies. We will carefully assess every application, provide an answer as soon as possible, and also invite the selected candidates for an interview.

General enquiries

If there are currently no job vacancies or if none of the job vacancies corresponds to your qualifications, you can still send us a general application. We believe that the right candidates will be able to make good use of their knowledge and competencies in our company. Even if a job vacancy is not advertised yet, you might be just the person we are looking for. As a sense of initiative is something that we encourage in our company, we will be happy if you contact us should you recognise yourself in our company’s values, vision and mission.

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